Percussion excerpts
The Youth Symphony auditions follow in the spirit and format of other auditions. We will be listening to your prepared solo work with an ear for musicality, beauty, expression, and artistry, and suggest that you choose and prepare a piece on which you can really demonstrate your strengths as a musician. The orchestral excerpts are a way for you to show your knowledge of the work you are playing, especially its style, but also your ability to present exactly what is written on the page. Pay special attention to dynamic changes, articulations, note length, and most of all, rhythm and tempo!

    As young musicians, auditions are a chance to begin looking deeply at the music you play, how your line of notes fits into the grand harmony produced by a group of several dozen musicians. Take the time now to learn as much as you can about the works you are playing beyond the notes – the effort will repay itself many times over in your years to come.

    Finally, do not be discouraged if the posted tempos seem daunting. At the audition, we would much rather prefer to hear a well-prepared excerpt that is under tempo, than one which is going much too fast for the ability of the player. Show us your best, ladies and gentlemen, and good luck to all!​​​​​​

Percussion Excerpts
The Illinois Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra