The IVYSO annually provides an opportunity for its members to compete for a chance to play a solo piece with the orchestra. This competition is held in the fall with the solo performance happening on the IVYSO's Spring Concert the following spring.

​​Please see and print the Entry Form can complete rules concerning this competition. 

Entry forms are due by Monday, November 12th.​​

IVYSO 31st Annual Concerto Competition
Date: November 25th 2019
Location: LaSalle-Peru Twp. High School Choir Room
Judges this year: TBA

​Feel free to contact the IVYSO about any questions you may have. Entry forms are available online or at rehearsal. ​​

Previous IVYSO Concerto Competition Winners:

Carolyn Lukancic (violin)
​Peter Kim (violin)
​Susan Shane
​Tom Foster
​Caroline Tonozzi (violin)
​​Renee Thouvenin
​Arthur Trebs
​Angela Tonozzi (violin)
​Anna Walsh
​Sarah Evans
​Emily Sobacki (violin)
​Maggie Olson
​Jerry Beck
​Nicholas Tonozzi (cello)
​Emily Etheridge (flute)
​Rachel Bailey (flute)
​Emily Blackford (flute
​Jennifer Hays (piano)
​Audra Loveland (violin)
​​Catherine Wilcoxson
​Bethany Cutler (flute)
​Kailee McGillis (violin)
​Jeremy Stevens (trumpet)
Alivea Cline (violin)​
Simon Tiffin (piano)​
John Hoelzer (piano)​
Danielle Jameson (flute)​
Elliot Butler (cello)​​​​​
Robin Butler (flute)​
Abigail Meyers (violin)
Bobby Bradish (trumpet)​
Winners of the IVYSO Concerto Competition, 2014-2018
Simon Tiffin
John Hoelzer
Danielle Jameson
Elliot Butler
Robin Butler
Abby Meyers