Concerto Competition
The IVYSO annually provides an opportunity for its members to compete for a chance to play a solo piece with the orchestra. This competition is held in December with the solo performance happening on the IVYSO's Spring Concert the following spring. Please see and print the Entry Form can complete rules concerning this competition. 

IVYSO 29th Annual Concerto Competition
December ​​​4, 2017 @ 5pm
LaSalle Peru High School Choral Room
Judges this year: John Armstrong (brass, woodwinds) and Alex Wang (strings) 
​Feel free to contact the IVYSO about any questions you may have. Entry forms are available online or at rehearsal. ​​

Previous IVYSO Concerto Competition Winners include:

Carolyn Lukancic (violin)
​Peter Kim (violin)
​Susan Shane
​Tom Foster
​Caroline Tonozzi (violin)
​​Renee Thouvenin
​Arthur Trebs
​Angela Tonozzi (violin)
​Anna Walsh
​Sarah Evans
​Emily Sobacki (violin)
​Maggie Olson
​Jerry Beck
​Nicholas Tonozzi (cello)
​Emily Etheridge (flute)
​Rachel Bailey (flute)
​Emily Blackford (flute
​Jennifer Hays (piano)
​Audra Loveland (violin)
​​Catherine Wilcoxson
​Bethany Cutler (flute)
​Kailee McGillis (violin)
​Jeremy Stevens (trumpet)
Alivea Cline (violin)​
Simon Tiffin (piano)​
John Hoelzer (piano)​
Danielle Jameson (flute)​
Elliot Butler (cello)​​​​​
Robin Butler (flute)​

The Illinois Valley
Youth Symphony Orchestra